Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Invader - Deuxième Partie

The second wave of Invader's attack is upon us. This time around the outlaw French artist shows us his studio work. Observe how he takes an iconic object from the 1980’s and uses it literally as a building block in his work. Pop cultural detritus is converted into high art in the hands of Invader.


Silicon Soul says, "Game (still) on."  In last week's Invader Alert post we reported that we'd been "Invaded" and that we had photographed the Invader art (See below.) somewhere in lower Manhattan.  No one has won yet.  View hint at bottom of Invader Alert for first clue.  Follow the link below to the second clue. Here's how to play:
  1. Locate this Invader artwork (below) in lower Manhattan.
  2. Decode the message.  (Hint:  It's NOT a QR code and you don't need an iPhone.You do need a camera and decoder for this 2D barcode.)
  3. Photograph yourself next to the code. (optional)
  4. Email decoded message and address of the place you found it to us through our contact page.  We'll let you know if you've won.

Fine print:  If you're related to us or have ever worked with or for us, you can't play.  Game ends when we say it's over.  Our decision is final.
Click here for hint #2.  Good luck!


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